Kim Horn

Human Resources/G.A.R. Director
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Kim Horn is the Human Resources/Cemetery Director at the City of Miami.  She has been employed at the City of Miami since September of 2001 becoming Cemetery Director in October of 2009.  Kim is a graduate of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M and Northeastern State University in Tahlequah.  Since becoming Cemetery Director, Kim is proudest of the installation of the “Angel Of Hope” statue and the Annual British Flyers Remembrance Ceremony that began in 2010.  “Families First” is the motto G.A.R. staff believes, and by far the most rewarding part of being Cemetery Director for Kim is assisting families to ensure they know all the G.A.R. Staff is there for them during  the difficult time of loss they are experiencing.

portrait of staff member Fred Billups

Fred Billups

G.A.R. Manager
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Fred Billups is the Cemetery Manager for the G.A.R. Cemetery. A graduate from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College here in Miami Oklahoma. He has been employed at the City of Miami since August of 2011. Since then Fred has been employed at the G.A.R. cemetery he has been part of laying out and opening three new sections in the Cemetery. Fred’s lifelong love of all things mechanical has enabled him to keep the equipment running and maintained, including the antique International tractor that was bought by the City of Miami new in 1956. He has a love of history and greatly enjoys the history around him and many of the historic figures buried in the cemetery that tell the rich story of Miami.

portrait of staff member Nancy Bro

Nancy Bro

G.A.R. Office Manager
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Nancy Bro is the G.A.R. Cemetery Office Manager. She has worked for The City of Miami since March of 2008, and has been the office manager at G.A.R. since October 2012. Nancy truly loves her job of being able to assist people with all their cemetery needs and it gives her a sense of great purpose. She loves the rich history that Miami and G.A.R. Cemetery holds and is always eager to share her knowledge by educating the public. She holds history tours on persons of interest, and publicly reaches out to bring awareness about our on-line burial records and upcoming events. Nancy knows that everyone has a story and her goal is to be able to keep their legacies alive

portrait of staff member Keith Babbit

Keith Babbit

G.A.R. Maintenance I
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Keith Babbitt is a G.A.R. Cemetery Maintenance I, employee. He has been employed at the City of Miami since January 2011, transferring to the cemetery in February 2017. He has found that helping families in their time of need to be rewarding and humbling. If you ever need assistance while at G.A.R. Cemetery, feel free to make contact with him for any of your cemetery needs.

portrait of staff member Brad Shelby

Brad Shelby

G.A.R. Maintenance I
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Brad Shelby is a G.A.R. Cemetery Maintenance I, employee for the City of Miami. He has been with the City of Miami since 2016, transferring to the cemetery in early 2019. His duties include mowing and weed eating the grounds, performing burials, maintaining and setting markers, and answering any questions that the public may have. He is happy to do whatever he may, to assist you and your loved ones during your time of need.